X-Star Premium Setup

First Flight

App Setup

Gimbal and Camera

What's in the X-Star Premium box?

What should I check on the before I fly?

Where do I download the Starlink App for the X-Star Premium?

How do I connect to the X-Star Premium's camera?

How do I charge the X-Star Premium battery and remote controller?

How do I prepare the X-Star Premium for flying?

How do I connect to the Starlink app?

What X-Star Premium Camera Modes are available?

How do I attach the X-Star Premium's propellers?

What are my left and right command stick controls?

What devices are compatible with the Starlink App?

Can the X-Star Premium's gimbal pan a full 360 degrees?

What's on the X-Star Premium?

How do I land my X-Star Premium?

Where can I find my gimbal and camera specifications?

What's on the X-Star Premium remote controller?

Can I remove the camera gimbal module from the X-Star Premium?
Remote Controller (RC) Related Products Troubleshooting Safety

What is the max RC Control distance for my X-Star Premium?

What is the different about the X-Star Premium?

What If the mobile app closes during a waypoint mission on the X-Star Premium?

What are some basic X-Star Premium safety tips?

How long does it take to charge the X-Star Premium's battery and remote controller?

What if my X-Star Premium Camera is powered off during recording?

How do I safely use and store X-Star Premium Batteries?

How do I rebind my X-Star Premium Controller?

If video link fails or disconnects frequently on the X-Star Premium, what should I do?

Where should I fly my X-Star Premium?

What is the Max Altitude my X-Star Premium can reach?

What if the X-Star Premium and remote controller are not communicating?

What is Fail-Safe mode and what are my Panic buttons on the X-Star Premium?